The Think Like an Owner podcast seeks out conversations with small company owners and investors to learn how to acquire and run small companies, with a focus on search funds, micro private equity, and permanent capital.

Episode 200

This is my 200th episode of Think Like an Owner, and I’ve invited my good friend Justin Mazeka Vogt on for the honors. Justin and his business partner Ed Redden were among the very first to reach out to me when I first started.

Episode 199

Ann was the VP of People at Southwest Airlines with founder Herb Kelleher and was a founding executive as VP of People, and eventually a board member of JetBlue Airways.

Episode 198

Joel is the founder and chairman of Peterson Partners, a private equity, venture, and search investment firm, and the former CEO of Trammell Crow.

Episode 197

Jason brings an extensive range of experience as CEO to this episode and we dive into critical skills he’s developed to be effective at each step.

Episode 196

My guest today is Shikhar Saxena, co-founder and CEO of Milan Laser Therapy. Milan, founded in 2012, is the nation’s largest laser hair removal provider with over 300 locations in 32 states and 1,900 employees performing 50,000 treatments a month.

Episode 195

With Mahesh at the helm, Cleo has grown from a single-digit ARR business in 2012 to nearly $100 million in ARR today, with even greater ambitions for the future.

Episode 194

This is the final episode in our Launch Series with guests Coley Andrews and Mitch Cohen, partners at Pacific Lake and Trilogy, respectively.

Episode 193

My guest today is Jehiel Oliver, founder and CEO of Hello Tractor, a farming equipment rental platform serving farms across Africa.

Episode 192

My guest today is Chris Powers, founder and chairman of Fort Capital, an industrial real estate investor based in Fort Worth, TX.

Episode 191

Today is the 6th episode in our Launch Series, a partnered episode series with Pacific Lake Partners and Trilogy Search Partners on preparing for the CEO role as a search fund.
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