About The Podcast

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading source for knowledge, ideas, and frameworks for operators and investors looking to grow small companies. Through our podcast, newsletter, and research, we share what the most talented operators and investors are thinking about and doing to build transformative companies.

Our Ambition

Finding high quality ideas on growing small companies is a challenge many operators face. We aim to build a powerful, searchable, and informative database of content and frameworks operators and investors use in their companies, one you can’t get anywhere else.

We will use our brand in the small company universe to partner with the most talented and thoughtful experts to provide the highest quality content on business anywhere on the internet. This content will be shared as widely as possible so operators all over the world can get the ideas and insights they need to grow.

Our Story

Think Like an Owner started as a monthly show hosted by Alex Bridgeman in his rental house in college. It grew after graduating, becoming weekly in August 2020 with Alex turning his full-time focus to its continued growth with backing from our initial sponsors.

Since then we have added a weekly newsletter and have ambitions for much more in the coming years.

We hope to build the best media business on small company operations focused on the endless pursuit of better.

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Our Team

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Alex Bridgeman


Alex has a deep curiosity and passion for how companies grow, and started Think Like an Owner as a college project to learn how the best and most ambitious CEOs and investors build companies. Think Like an Owner went from a personal project to a self-sustaining business that exists to serve similarly curious and passionate small business professionals.

Alex lives in Omaha with his wife, Michelle, and corgi, Cici. He loves all things aviation, football, cooking, podcasting, and reading. Alex graduated with an accounting degree from University of Portland in Portland, OR in 2019.

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Johnny Podcasts

Producer | Editor

Johnny Peterson (aka Johnny Podcasts) has been a full-time podcast producer since 2018. He specializes in audio engineering and handles the post-production work for Think Like An Owner.

His work has been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience, Real Talk with Zuby, and Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson. Johnny grew up in San Diego and played 2 years of College Basketball before moving to Fort Worth, TX to pursue his business degree from Texas Christian University. He currently resides in Fort Worth with his wife.

You can follow Johnny on Twitter, watch him on YouTube or read his Newsletter.

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David Bridgeman

Web Designer

David hails from Portland, bringing those “Keep Portland Weird” sensibilities with him to his residence in Boise, where he graduated with a degree in Media Arts from Boise State University. He keeps busy with his web & graphic design company Pink Robot Studios and his band Downcoast.

His web design work includes Oberle Risk StrategiesThe Blowout Bunch, and the site you’re on right now. Besides his undying passion for design, David loves music history, old technology, guitar pedals, and misplacing his keys every day.

You can find David on LinkedIn or contact him through his website.

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About The Podcast Our Mission Our mission is to be the leading source for knowledge, ideas, and frameworks for operators and investors looking to grow

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