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A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great companies.

A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great transformative dynamic companies.

Episode 212

Given that our guest last week, Eric Jorgenson, is the CEO of one of Enduring’s companies, I thought this would be a timely episode to bring back to the top of the feed.

Episode 211

Eric is the CEO of Scribe media as well as author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant and The Anthology of Balaji. He also hosts the Smart Friends Podcast.

Episode 210

This week, we are running the episode I did with Chris Powers on the Fort podcast where I was a guest on that show, and in this episode, we talked all about my background, my interest in data, the podcast, and more.

Episode 209

This episode is all about M&A and corporate development, both for companies doing occasional M&A and those with more programmatic strategies, which is where Roland is spending most of his town now as an advisor to CEOs.

Episode 208

My guest on this episode is Richard Reese. Richard took over as CEO of Iron Mountain, a physical records management business, in 1981. He ran the business as CEO through going public in 1996 before retiring from the role in 2013.

Episode 207

My guest today is Savneet Signh, CEO of PAR Technology, a billion-dollar market cap publicly traded point of sale software business serving the restaurant industry.
Tlao Cover Art 2023 Vector

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