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A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great companies.

A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great transformative dynamic companies.

Episode 219

FreightWaves, founded in 2016, is a media and data company focused on trucking, freight, supply chains, and all things logistics.

Episode 218

My guest today is Henry Schuck, founder and CEO at ZoomInfo, one of the most successful data businesses in recent times with a market cap today around $12B.

Episode 217

My guest today is Mike Stone, CEO of CertaPro Painters, the largest painting company in North America structured as a franchise with 370 owners across 500 territories and over $700m in revenue.

Episode 215

My guest today is Ayman Al-Abdullah, former CEO of Appsumo and now executive coach to other ambitious CEOs looking to scale 7 and 8-figure businesses past $100m, Ayman’s specialty.

Episode 214

Dennis was a sales leader at IBM and Oracle and became CRO at Anaplan and Dialpad before taking on an advisory role with companies looking to develop best-in-class sales organizations.

Episode 213

My guest today is Armon Petrossian, co-founder and CEO of data transformation company Coalesce, built on Snowflake’s ecosystem.
Tlao Cover Art 2023 Vector

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