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A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great companies.

A podcast exploring how CEOs grow great transformative dynamic companies.

Episode 232

We discuss the latest findings from the 2024 Stanford Search Fund Study, which reviews trends from the past two years.

Episode 231

Rick and Royce are Harvard professors for entrepreneurship through acquisition and co-authors of the most popular and well-known piece of content in search, the HBR book How to Buy a Small Business.

Episode 230

Anand and I talk about why he stepped out of the CEO role and the type of person he looked for to replace him, how new CEOs should start their first couple months in a new company, how CB Insights has shaped his views on private markets, and more.

Episode 228

Brett is a really serious and motivated leader who’s pulled tons of great ideas from others and has a multi-decade vision for Kelly Partners.

Episode 227

Dustin has spent his career working with high-performing CEOs from over 70 countries to help transform teams and find the right successors for CEOs and other C-suite executives.

Episode 226

A.J. and I talk about being a professor and how to get involved if you’d like to teach, why students do not pursue entrepreneurship through acquisition and work-life integration as CEO, a topic A.J. has written and thought very deeply about, and more
Tlao Cover Art 2023 Vector

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